ORDINANCE  NO. 2005 -01





The Town Board of Supervisors of the Town of Kabetogama ordains:


Section 1                                ESTABLISHMENT OF PLANNING COMMISSION

                Pursuant to Minnesota Statute x 462.354, a Township Planning Commission for the Town of Kabetogama

                is hereby established.  The Commission shall be the Town’s planning agency.


Section 2                                COMPOSITION

The Kabetogama Township Planning Commission shall consist of five Kabetogama Township landowner members plus one Town Board Supervisor appointed by the Kabetogama Township Board of Supervisors. The Planning Commissioners may be removed by a two-thirds vote of the Board of Supervisors. Of the members of the Planning commission first appointed, two shall be appointed for the term of one year, two for the term of two years, one for the term of three years.  The Township member will be a representative from the Kabetogama Township Board of Supervisors and will act in an ex-official capacity. The successors for the original Planning Commissioners shall be appointed for terms of three years thereafter. Both original and successive appointees shall hold office until their successors are appointed and qualified.  Compensation will be set by the Kabetogama Township Board of Supervisors which will be done annually at the first regular Kabetogama Township Board meeting following the annual Town Meeting held the 2nd Tuesday in March each year.


Section 3                                ORGANIZATION, RECORDS, ETC.

The Kabetogama Township Planning Commission shall elect a chairperson from among its members for a term of one year; and the commission may create and fill such other offices as it may determine.  A Planning Commissioner will be designated and act as secretary for the Planning Commission.  The commission shall adopt rules for the transaction of business and shall keep a record of its resolutions, transactions, and findings, which record shall be kept as a public record.  On or before January first of each year the Planning Commission shall submit to the Kabetogama Township Board of Supervisors a report of its work during the preceding year.  Expenditures of the Kabetogama Township Planning Commission shall be within amounts appropriated for the purpose by the Kabetogama Township Board of Supervisors.


Section 4                                POWERS AND DUTIES OF THE PLANNING COMMISSION

The Kabetogama Township Planning Commission shall be the planning agency and shall have the powers and duties given such agencies generally by Minnesota Statutes d 462.352 to x 462. 365.   It shall also exercise the duties conferred upon it by this Ordinance.  The Planning Commission shall act in as an advisory capacity to the Kabetogama Township Board. 



Section 5                                PUBLIC HEARINGS

No comprehensive township plan, zoning ordinance, official map, conditional use permit, plat of land, or amendments thereto, shall be adopted by the Kabetogama Township Board of Supervisors until a public hearing has been held thereon by the Kabetogama Township Planning Commission.


Section 6                                EFFECTIVE DATE

                This Ordinance shall be in full force and effect from and after its passage and publication as required by law.




Motion by Supervisor Richard McGregor, second by Supervisor Edward Town to adopt the above resolution.


Passed by the Town of Kabetogama Board of Supervisors this 5th day of October, 2005.


                                Ayes:      3                                              Nays:  0

                                Absent:   0                                              Abstained:  0




Attest:  _______________________________________                     _________________________________________________                             

             Mary Manninen, Clerk, Kabetogama Township                                              , Chairman, Kabetogama Township 





Published  in Voyageur Sentinel in October , 2005